Student resources

Everyone needs a helping hand, so we’ve put together some helpful guides to help you on your journey.

Tertiary to work planner

Deciding what kind of work you want to do and where you want to do it is the essence of career planning. This planner is to help you get into a career — the steps you need to take and helpful tips.

CV guide

Did you know that employers and recruiters generally take less than 20 seconds to decide if your CV is in the ‘Yes to interview’ pile? This handy guide will give you tips to create a skills-based CV to get the job of your dreams.

CV template

We’ll take your knowledge one step further with this handy template to ensure your CV stands out. Taking you from ‘No’ to ‘Go’, the template will guide you to create a tailored, skills-based CV.

Covering letter

A great cover letter draws your audience in. It gives the reader a snapshot of your top skills that match the job they’re recruiting for. It makes the reader want to discover more about you – helping you gain that interview!

Interview guide

You’re almost there! Job interviews are the main way employers assess candidates’ suitability for a role. This guide will show you how to make a great impression in person (or online) to gain your dream job.

Skills Planner

It can be hard to decide which subjects to study at tertiary level to help you get closer to a career you want. Use this planner to help you out.

Staff resources

We’ve created some useful resources for you to use in your work space for your international students.

Secondary school to tertiary study timeline

This helpful A4 flyer provides a graphic showcasing what students need to do in each year of senior study to prepare for tertiary study.

Secondary school to tertiary study pathway

This A4 graphic pictorially outlines the pathway between secondary school, tertiary study, and working and post-graduate study.

Tertiary location campus map

Helping you explain where in the regions the tertiary campuses are, this A4 graphic provides clear pointers.

Brand guidelines

All good brands need a handy brand guideline! This guideline ensures the brand is respected and can be used in your own materials.

CareerConnect poster

Need something to brighten up your wall space? This A3 poster gives an introductory snapshot of the tools available on CareerConnect.


This handy overview PowerPoint provides all the details you need to know about CareerConnect – perfect for sharing with peers, students and parents.

CareerConnect overview

If you have an upcoming school visit planned or you’re attending an event such as a Careers Expo, this A4 flyer providing an overview of CareerConnect is a great resource to have on hand to share with students and parents.