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Feel right at home

The Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions are home to spectacular beaches, breath-taking landscapes, rich culture and plenty of sunshine. They are the perfect place to explore nature and connect with welcoming and friendly locals.

Did you know the regions are leaders across some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s strongest industries? They’re leaders in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, tourism and hospitality, sustainable and innovative technology – creating plenty of job opportunities for you to explore.

Many students and graduates choose to study, live and work in our regions for the abundance of opportunities, quality education and the lifestyle it offers.

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About our Regions

why choose to live here Hamilton


The busy city of Hamilton sits in the heart of the Waikato region, nestled on the banks of the mighty Waikato River. Hamilton is the largest inland city in Aotearoa New Zealand, and has many places to relax, enjoy and do business.

why choose to live here Rotorua


Rotorua is a wondrous place to live, from the spectacular forests and geothermal wonders to its rich Māori heritage. It has an innovative economy steeped in tourism, agriculture and forestry.

why choose to live here Tauranga


As the fastest growing city in Aotearoa New Zealand, Tauranga is an easy place to study, live and work. You’ll be right at home with beautiful beaches, a temperate climate, and growing industries.

Ready to move to New Zealand?

Immigration advice is overseen by the  Immigration Advisors Authority, and their website contains information on who can lawfully give immigration advice in Aotearoa New Zealand. By law, any person that offers you immigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority unless they are exempt.

Immigration NZ also runs the New Zealand Now website to help with all aspects of life when you are new to the country.