Rotorua is a great place to live, from the spectacular forests and geothermal wonders to its rich Māori heritage. It’s an innovative economy with some of the best access to many places in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand — whether it’s a drive to the beach or a flight to the big city.

rotorua tourism


Tourism is a big drawcard to Rotorua, and is one of the key industries in the city alongside forestry, geothermal, and agribusiness.

Many people in Rotorua take advantage of being so connected to the outdoors through mountain biking, hiking in the forest, or hanging out by the lakes.

rotorua culture

Multicultural hub

Rotorua prides itself on being a multicultural region and welcomes international students with open arms. It’s easy for students of all levels to excel within our education system from secondary school to tertiary education. Rotorua is proud to have the support of Welcoming Communities, a settlement programme as part of Rotorua Lakes Council. This excellent programme support communities to create welcoming and inclusive environments for newcomers.

rotorua career

Career opportunities

Rotorua has a diverse economy of small to medium businesses, so plenty of different opportunities are available for you.  There is lots of work, from hospitality superstars, labourers and tradespeople to specialised technicians, scientists, and professional services.

Growth industries include recreation and active tourism like mountain biking.  Plus, there is a high demand for Government positions, forestry, wood processing, agriculture and food provenance.

Quick facts about Rotorua

  • Population of 72,500*
  • Key industries are forestry, geothermal, tourism and agribusiness
  • 18 pristine lakes in the region
  • More than three million visitors each year

Rotorua study institutes

Why choose Rotorua

Reflecting its status as the home of local iwi, Te Arawa, there is a focus in Rotorua on working together for the good of the land, the community, and generations to come. A welcoming spirit and manaakitanga (hospitality, kindness) are integral to Rotorua’s DNA. The city boasts an enviable lifestyle, a thriving business community, and a stunning natural environment.


You’ll never run out of things to do in Rotorua with an incredible range of things to see and experience. Whether you’re after adventure, a relaxing day at the spa, or want to explore nature, they’ve got you covered.


Rotorua is renowned for agriculture, forestry and wood processing, geothermal, Māori culture, and tourism. Other industries such as fishing, tertiary education, health, manufacturing and social services also significantly contribute to the local economy and employment opportunities.


Proudly Kiwi, Rotorua warmly welcomes visitors from all over the world to share their stunning geothermal landscapes, sparkling lakes and beautiful forests. It’s a city known for its spectacular scenery, enviable lifestyle, supportive communities and hospitality.

Explore Rotorua

Visit the Rotorua information site to find out more about this exciting city, its rich history and amazing community spirit.